Walking the Pink City alternatively


Founded in the first half of the eighteenth century, the city of Jaipur encloses within its pink walls a fascinating amalgam of stories, monuments, businesses, and experiences. One of the most visited tourist destinations of the country, you actually get to love Jaipur only after several visits, when you start going beyond the predictable to explore the hidden gems of the city. This two day Jaipur tour is designed to make you see the Jaipur that is hidden in small lanes, beyond the grandiose monuments.

On the agenda:
* An exploration of the crafts of Jaipur. We do this by walking to neighbourhoods where craft still thrives, and of course shopping in the famed bazaars of the city. We will also visit the Anokhi museum of hand-block printing museum at Amer, and peep into work of contemporary designers working with local craft traditions.

* The culinary heritage of Jaipur, featuring delicacies like coal fired tea, Rajasthani specialities, and street food.

* The Vaishnava Jaipur, looking at four Krishna temples housing the light maps of the Gaudiya tradition (since 16th century).

* A visit to Jal Mahal, the pleasure pavilion in the Man Sagar lake, which is not yet open for visitors.

* The pristine temple complex at Galta, located on a hill just outside the walled city.

* A special walk around the landscape of Amer town (16th century), the old capital before Jaipur, exploring its temples, palaces, and a Baoli (step-well).


Duration:  2 days

Mode of Commuting: By rail or road

Meeting Point:  ex Delhi

Email us for a costing and details. Our costing includes accommodation, travel, local transportation and all meals. Excludes personal expenses.

Itinerary and accommodation details available on request.



Images (click to enlarge)

Jaipur Walled City Gates beckon…

The famed markets of Jaipur

Stone carving studio in Khutaton ka Rasta, Jaipur

A typical Jewellery making enetrprise in the inner city

 Sahoo’s unforgettable coal-fired tea

Radha-Damodar deity

Evening aarti at Govind Dev temple, Jaipur

Galta ji temples and Kund, just outside the walled city

Pilgrims take a dip at Galta-kund

The pleasure pavilion Jal Mahal

An extra-ordinary collection of temples in Amer town