In Search of Bitooras: A Village Walk

Explore village life at the periphery of the city

On the periphery of Delhi unique and amazing structures are coming up. Bitooras, literally store houses made from cow-dung cakes have stopped passers-by in their tracks.

These extraordinary constructions, made by local village women, are reminiscent of tiny houses, and are inscribed with wonderful abstract patterns and sometimes studded with mosaics. Our village walk takes us to see some of the best examples. Watch a demonstration of the fascinating process of the bitooras being made and participate!

This walk is a vivid reminder of a fast-disappearing rural life that surrounds the city. We will be transported into the village by ox-cart, view the bitooras, chat to local farmers in their farmyards and sample delicious fresh lassi.

This walk was originally conceived by UK based artist Andrew Burton.

 Duration:                              4 hours

 Mode of Commuting:         Wheels / Walk

 Meeting Point:                     Customized

 Timings:                               Customized

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Bitooras / Photo: Andrew Burton

Woman making Bitooras / Photo: Andrew Burton