The Trail of Nizam Piya

Stories of sufis, emperors & poets in one of Delhi’s oldest village


The village named after Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (1236-1325) one of the most popular Sufi saints of North India, is a treasure house of stories and histories.

At the epicenter is the Dargah of Nizamuddin, set in the bustling village with a medieval ambience, narrow alleys, and bazaars. Because of  its association with the saint, the area became a popular site for burials – for emperors, saints, nobility, royalty, warriors and poets alike.

Hence, Nizamuddin offers a bouquet of built heritage down the centuries, besides of course the chance to meet with the beloved Nizam Piya.


Places Visited

  • The Dargah complex and nearby monuments – Tomb of Ghalib, Chaunsath Khamba & more…
  • Chilla Nizamuddin
  • Humayun’s Tomb, mausoleum of the 2nd mughal, a world heritage site; 16th century
  • Tomb of the poet Rahim Khan-e-Khanan, 17th c.
  • Sunder Nursery, India’s largest nursery

Duration:  4 hours

Mode of Commuting: Walking

Meeting Point:  Police Station, Nizamuddin West

Timings:  Customised

(Images – Click to enlarge)

Nizamuddin Dargah / Photo: Karan Thapa

Nizamuddin Dargah / Photo: Bedatri Datta Choudhury

Nizamuddin Dargah / Photo: Chandan Ahuja

Subz Burj / Photo: Varun Shiv Kapur

Sunder Nursery / Photo: Karan Thapa

Chilla Nizamuddin / Photo: Varun Shiv Kapur

Humayun’s Tomb / Photo: Kabilan Sathyamurthy

Humayun’s Tomb / Photo: Deepanjali

Humayun’s Tomb / Photo: Soham Banerjee

Rahim’s Tomb / Photo: Russ Bowling