Vrindavan: The realm of the heart

A two day tour to discover Krishna



Walk with us to Vrindavan, the magical landscape of Hari and Radha’s heart. This 2-day tour of Vrindavan (135 kms. away from Delhi), the centre of Krishna pilgrimage and Vaishnavism in Braj, will allow us the darshan of several forms of Krishna, deities dating from the classical ancient era upto the glorious light-maps of the Gaudiya tradition (16th century).

We will explore the fascinating syncretic architectural traditions of Vrindavan. Travelling to the epicenter of Krishna’s life, we will perhaps get enchanted by a magical note of the flute…

Day two will also take us to Mathura, the birthplace of Krishna, and a contrast to the realm of the heart, the realm of urban and political affairs, Mathura being one of the oldest cities of India.


The two day tour will include:

  • Morning and Evenings Darshans and Aartis at the seven main Goswami temples of Vrindavan (16th century)
  • Exploring street life, architecture, food, markets and some newer temples of Vrindavan
  • A visit to Mathura, the birthplace of Shri Krishna, walk through Mathura town covering darshans at prominent temples
  • A visit to the famed Mathura Museum of Art, featuring an extraordinary collection of antiquities, and the finest specimens of ancient and medieval Hindu, Jain and Buddhist art.


Duration:  2 days

Mode of Commuting: By rail or road

Meeting Point:  ex Delhi

Email us for a costing and details. Our costing includes accommodation, travel, local transportation and all meals. Excludes personal expenses.

Itinerary and accommodation details available on request.


Images (click to enlarge)

The Govind-deva temple, Vrindavan (16th c.) / Photo: Wikimedia Commons (Jpatokal)

 Madan Mohan Temple, Vrindavan

 At Radha Raman temple, Vrindavan

The self-manifested Shri Radha-raman

Radhey Graffiti !

 Vrindavan streets, flowers, food, crafts /  / Photo: Wikimedia Commons (Ekabhishek)

The stunning Keshi Ghat by river Yamuna, Vrindavan

Vrindavan skyline from across the river

Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, Mathura / Photo: Wikimedia Commons (Poco-a-poco)


 The grand Potra Kunda at Mathura / Photo: Wikimedia Commons (Nikhil Sharma)

Vishnu, Mathura school of art