In Search of Lost Water: Baolis of Delhi

Rediscover the historic baolis (stepwells) of the cities of Delhi!

In a world where water is constantly depleting, In Search of Lost Water takes you to water bodies of medieval Delhi to highlight traditional wisdom in water conservation and management.

See baolis spread over the modern city of Delhi, built across the centuries by different dynasties, belonging to the different historic cities of Delhi. We will discover lost community spaces, hear the laughter still echoing in the step-wells, eavesdrop on gossip, in search of lost water…

Places Visited

Agrasen ki Baoli, Hailey Road
Hazrat Nizamuddin ki Baoli (14century)
Gandak ki Baoli, Mehrauli  (13century)
Rajon ki Baoli, Mehrauli (16century)

Duration:                                4 hours
Mode of Commuting:           Wheels / Walk
Meeting Point:                       Customized
Timings:                                 Customized

“8 hours walk covering more baolis also available”

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Photo by: Anuj Maheshwari

Agrasen ki Baoli / Photo: Anuj Maheshwari

Agrasen ki Baoli / Photo: Anuj Maheshwari

Agrasen ki Baoli / Photo: Vasudha Vadhera

Nizamudin Baoli / Photo: Ajith Edahoot

Nizamudin Dargah / Photo: Ajith Edahoot

Rajon Ki Baoli / Photo: Karan Thapa

Rajon Ki Baoli / Photo: Ajith Edahoot

Rajon ki Baoli / Photo: Ajit Edahoot

Gandhak ki Baoli / Photo: Karan Thapa