जामुनवालों की सैर / The Blackberry Walk
Walking the monsoon fruit of Delhi


Jamun, aka blackberry is entreched in the heart of Delhi, an indigenous species the British cleverly planted prominently in New Delhi at the beginning of the 20th century.

Jamunwaalon ki Sair, the walk of the blackberry starts at Ashoka Road, lined with Jamun trees; traverses the India gate Jamuni hexagon to bring you to Rajpath, the royal avenue, which is lined with Rai Jamuns, yet another variety of the seasonal fruit which emerges monsoonally in Delhi in June-July.

We will read Jamun trees, enjoy the medicinal fruit, chat with the fruit sellers, have a Jamuni picnic and devour cuisine inspired by it. Get ready for purple Jamuni dreams…


Duration: 3-4 hours

Mode of Commuting: Walk / wheels

Meeting Point: Customised

Timings: Customised

Pricing / Contact


Images (click to enlarge)

Migrant jamun-seller from Uttar Pradesh at Ashoka Road

A tokri of Jamuns at Ashoka Road

The visual logic of Jamun trees

Jamun leaf dreams

Rai Jamun lined avenue: Rajpath

A Rai Jamun tree at India Gate lawns, Rajpath

Jamun picnic at India Gate

Feel a squished jamun love

The purple love of Jamun spreads

Plucking Rai Jamuns from the tree

A family strategises to harvest the crop at India Gate

Raw and ripe Rai Jamuns