Weaving, Dreaming, Making: 

A walk to discover Indian textiles


Curated and guided by The Design Project India /  Mayank Mansingh Kaul

Presented in collaboration with 1100 Walks


Places Visited

AKAARO, Lado Sarai – www.facebook.com/akaaro

Gaurav Jai Gupta, proprietor of Akaaro Studio and a leading Indian textile designer will give a guided tour of the studio which has in-house weaving looms. Learn about various weaving techniques and varieties of fabrics.


TALIANNA Studios, Lado Sarai – http://www.peterdascoli.com/

Peter D’Ascoli, proprieter of Talianna Studios, is a New York and New Delhi-based textile designer specialising in print design. He will walk guests through the different stages of the development of print design.


SANSKRITI TEXTILE MUSEUM, Anandgram – http://www.sanskritifoundation.org/

The textile museum at Sanskriti Kendra is a personal collection of a range of traditional Indian textiles – from Phulkari, Ikats to Indian brocades. Guests will be given an over-arching view of textiles from different Indian regions, along with the socio-cultural contexts of their manufacture and development.



A visit to a gallery dealing with antique textiles, will involve a talk on a range of textiles from Asian regions like Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India by seeing actual specimens. Guests will get a chance to see the growth of a particular genre of textiles like the Kalamkari, over centuries, and understand the evolution of styles and stylistic designs.


Duration:  6 hours

Mode of Commuting:  Wheels

Meeting Point:  Customized

Timings:  Customized

Note:  Places visited may change depending upon availability of our resource people.


Images (click to enlarge)

 19th century Gujarat Patola

 Pink dress with embroidery, Crafts Museum, New Delhi

 17th century Kalamkari hanging – Brooklyn Museum

 Talliana Studios, courtesy blog.taramaydesign.com