(The disappeared) Flower Markets of Delhi

Where have all the flowers gone?


Posthumously yours, the flower markets of Delhi: The 3 main flower markets at Fatehpuri, Connaught Place and Mehrauli, an integral part of the city’s heritage and culture, and temples of beauty amidst the concrete jungle; are now history, thanks to the Delhi government’s myopia.

Come witness a disaster of urban planning and the lack of common sense in this city, as we visit the sites of the markets and experience the sad and eerie silence where once a million flowers bloomed. We will trace how the flower trade has reconfigured itself around these sites, and also visit Ghazipur, a landfill outside the city where part of the flower trade has been officially relocated.


Itinerary & Places Visited

Homage to Mehrauli market, walking through the site

Exploring new informal markets around Mehrauli and Chattarpur

A visit to Ghazipur, the official new flower market


Duration:                                    4 Hours
Mode of Commuting:              Wheels / Walks
Meeting Point:                          Customized
Timing:                                      6:00 Am to 10:30Am
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Mehrauli Mandi / Photo: Saurabh Mehta
Mehrauli Flower Market / Photo: Monica Kapur
Genda Gathri / Photo: Meher & Karan
Flower Seller / Photo: Saptorishi Majumndar
Notice at Mehrauli Flower Market / Photo: Shilpa Sharma
Destruction of Mehrauli Market / Photo: Harshvardhana Durugadda
Destruction of Mehrauli Market / Photo: Harshvardhana Durugadda