Barsaati Walk

Hanging out at a unique Delhi house type, the Barsati


“My life as a ‘single’ in Delhi can be summed up in a single word: Barsaati.”

Radhika Jha – Barsaati Days, in  Chasing The Good Life: On Being Singleedited by Bhaichand Patel, Penguin.

Barsati – the small room on the top floor of a building, open to the elements, is a unique intellectual-cultural-romantic and lastly residential framework found in the capital city. It is not just a residence type, but a cultural construct, and for us mad monsoon lovers, endlessly fascinating because it’s very name is derived from barsaat (rain). As Delhi sees frantic building activity by the minute, this humble house type seems to be on the wane now…

A special monsoon walk, that takes you to the last few Barsatis of Delhi, to explore these open residential spaces. Learn about the history of this house type, which has been home to common man, but also some famous people. It has inspired writers, poets, and artists to create, introspect, being a popular muse.

Hang out with Barsati residents – the boho-chic tribe of Delhi youngsters, and singles who exemplify carefree living, somewhat more in tune with the elements than most of us with our walled comfort – life in Delhi 2012, outdoor-indoor style.

A spin through some Barsatis, a walk exploring this unique heritage of Delhi, that you will never find mentioned in tourist books: spaces that come alive with laughter, fun and friends, and rain…


Duration:  4 hours

Mode of Commuting:  Wheels / Walk

Meeting Point:  Customized

Timings:  Customized


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