Sufi Basant Walk to Nizamuddin Dargah

Celebrate the arrival of spring with Khwaja ji


Basant, the Indian spring is a syncretic celebration. Follow us on a Sufi Basant Walk to the Dargah of one of the most popular Sufi saints of India, Khwaja Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (1238-1325) . Where, every year, as the spring knocks on our doors, mustard flowers are offered and Amir Khusrau’s verses are sung, in honour of Khwaja ji, and the beautiful Indian spring…

Come! Let’s dance with genda tokris on our heads, and take them to Khwaja ji like his beloved Amir Khusrau! Basant Genda Phool!



Basanti Lunch at Lodhi Gardens.

Learn more about Sufi Basant, and rejoice in Amir Khusrau’s spring poetry.

Walk to Nizamuddin Dargah

Sufi Basant celebrations at Nizamuddin Dargah with Basanti Qawwali & more


Duration: 4 hours

Mode of Commuting: Walk

Meeting Point: Customised

Timings: Only available during the festival of Sufi Basant (Jan/Feb)


Dress Code: It is 100% mandatory to wear all yellow. It is a tradition to wear new yellow cotton clothes, please make an effort to blend in with the season. In case of emergency, white is the best alternative. No Black or dark colours please!

Bring yellow food, yellow flowers and yellow gifts for fellow participants.


Images (Click to enlarge)

Participants gather at Lodhi Gardens / Photo: Karan Thapa

Yellow reigns everywhere / Photo: Karan Thapa

Walking to the Dargah / Photo: Karan Thapa

Alleys leading to the Dargah / Photo: Natasha Ginwala

At the Bada Darbar / Photo: Bedatri Datta Choudhury

Basanti Qawwali / Photo: Karan Thapa

Basanti Qawwali / Photo: Karan Thapa