Barsana Holi Day Tour

Lathmar Holi in the land of Krishna


Monday 6 March 2017 (10 am-10pm), Ex. Delhi


Presented by 1100 Walks and Red Earth

Per pax: Rs. 5,000/- (payable in advance) for details / itinerary

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In the magical playground of Krishna – the land of Braj, Holi is celebrated with a gusto that is unmatched anywhere else in India.

The Holi celebrations in Braj begin at Barsana, Radha’s (Krishna’s consort) village, six days before Holi. Krishna arrives, with the men from Nandgaon. The people of Nandgaon and Barsana play Holi together.

The men wear huge turbans decorated with leaves to protect themselves from the colour and beatings of the women of Barsana. Lathmar Holi is played at sunset, when women dressed in beautiful sarees hit the men with sticks over clouds of colours.


Photographs by Priscila Patel (Click on images to enlarge)