Food Walk in Old Delhi

Relishing exotic delicacies in the old city

Sunday 6 April 2014
4 pm – 8 pm

Meeting Point: Fatehpuri Moqsue, Main Gate, Chandni Chowk (Nearest Metro: Chandni Chowk), 4 pm sharp. Parking available at Jama Masjid / Opp. Sisganj Gurudwara.
Ending Point: Chandni Chowk, 8 pm

Mode of Commuting: Walk / Rickshaw
Registration Details: Contribute Rs. 1750/- per person (includes food)

Pay here –

Please pre-register.
Contact Himanshu Verma / 41671100 /


The food of Delhi is a gastronome’s and connoisseurs dream come true. We will wander in the lanes of Old Delhi, in search of forgotten foods, scintillating flavours from centuries ago, that are still alive in the melting pot of Delhi’s culture.

Some Places Visited
Khari Baoli: Asia’s largest spice market
Kake di Hatti (Stuffed naan)
Chawri Bazaar: Bade Miyaan’s Kheer (dessert)
Paranthe Wali Gali (Indian stuffed bread)
Amritsari Lassi Wala (yoghurt drink)
Jalebiwala, Dariba Kalan (sweet shop)
Sitaram Bazaar for Kulfis (Indian ice desserts) & MORE…

Note: Our food walks are vegetarian.

Images (click to enlarge)

Spice Market / Photo: Carole Harris

Khari Baoli / Photo: Michael Vito

Kake di Hatti Chandni Chowk / Photo: Bharat Bijlani

Chandni Chowk / Photo: Kabilan Sathyamurthy

Chat at Chandni Chowk / Photo: Carole Harris

Old Famous Jalebiwala Chandni Chowk / Photo: Bedatri Datta Choudhury

Old Famous Jalebiwala Chandni Chowk / Photo: Parul Thapa

Parathewali Gali Chandni Chowk / Photo: VasudhaWadhera

Parathewali Gali Chandni Chowk / Photo: VasudhaWadhera