Street Art of Delhi:

From graffiti to popular imagery, functional design to subversive reclamations



Sun 31 January 2016 / 10 am to 3 pm

Meet at Shahpurjat Village

Walk ends @ Pahad Ganj


Rs. 2200 / person



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What is the everyday / popular / street / commercial / functional art of Delhi? In our most exciting comprehensive look at popular imagery in the city, we offer our walkers food for thought on several aspects of visuality in the city.


Starting with a more predictable understanding of street art, we will talk about / visit:

  • Graffiti as subversive street art and its recent rise and evolution in Delhi
  • Organised street art festivals and projects like St.ART Delhi
  • The rise of Delhi’s very own street/graffiti artists like Daku and Yantra and a look at their oeuvre


Engaging with a wider discourse of popular/city/design images, we will also hint at broader definitions of ‘street’ art:

  • Popular images: Bollywood hoardings, posters and ephemera, commercial art /design like juice stalls signage & its impact on design and art in contemporary Delhi
  • Typography as street art
  • Street signage and contemporary governmental urban planning aesthetics


The walk, will visit several sites exploring these genres of street art as well as include workshop-ing elements like studying images. Participants are encouraged to photo-document their walk, so please carry your camera!